Paper Cascading Lamination Production Line
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Paper Cascading Lamination Production Line

Main Parameters

1. Max Laminated layers: n=4

2. Max Laminated Width:B=1650mm

3. Laminated Thickness:δ =2-4

4. Laminated Speed:5-20 m/min Frenquency control

Main equipment

A.1,2,3 double paper roller(3pcs)

Max paper diameter:Φ 1300 mm

Max paper width:≥1700 mm

Each roller loading weight:3 T/2rolls

Each motor power:6.6 KW

B.4 is glue machine

1.5 glue systerm

2.glue rollerΦ 158 chrome plated finished

3.glue recycle, automatically deliver glue install power:3KW

C.5,7is double-roller pressing machine

1.rubber glue roller Φ 258

2.pneumatic go up and down,pressing force can trim

3.install power:2.2 kw (frequency)

D.6 is twin-cast pressing machine

1.crawler material is δ =3 with guid buna-n tape

2.between crawler there are roller add pressing

3.install poweer:3 KW (frequerency control)

E.8 is fixed length cutter 

1.cutter material crw5

Main motor power 5.5KW

Main motor is electromagnetism leave-joint

2.main power 9.9KW

F.9 is finished goods conveyor

Install power 1.5 KW