Octagonal Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine
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1600 type Octagonal Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine


 Component & Quantity:1 set electric Shaftless Paper Roll

1 set Glue Smearing Device with three rolls of 4,6,8,10,12,14mm,and so on(two sizes

is free, more sizes usd 1000/size)

1 set Octagonal Rolling Device

including: Auto Honeycomb Paper Conveying Device from octagonal to press machine

1 set Honeycomb Paer Core Cutter(Horizontal type)

Dust Cleaning Device

1 set 30MT Press machine

1 set Automatic Honeycomb Paper Core Connecting & Drying Machine

1 set Computer Control Systerm

Main Parameters: OutlineDimensioon:19m(length)x2.8m(width)x3.2m(height)

Total Power Supply:23.5KW

Actual Production Motor Power Consumption:11KW

Winding Speed of Drum:0-60m/min

Paper Core Width:less than 1650mm


Size of Honeycomb Core Cell Available:4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20mm according

what size you choose.

Suitable Glue: Starch Glue or Emulsion Glue

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