Paper Angle protector industry has developed rapidly in 2014
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2014 paper containers because of its low cost, save money, good mechanical processing function, can use of mechanized mass production, easy to print, harmless non-toxic, easy recycling and other interests in the use and favored by consumers expect, because of in line with the green, environmental protection concept, promote paper products packaging among the top of the packaging materials used. However, in the paper in the process of continuous development, we also found that the shortcoming of the paper, such as poor carton packaging bearing, easy deformation and so on. Facing the development

Encountered in these questions, the paper Angle protector gradually barb in the paper, especially in the honeycomb carton packaging, corrugated carton packaging. Throughout the development process, the paper Angle protector also began to change the shape of it before, presents a coiled protection of Angle, bending Angle, U protect horn, etc.

In the honeycomb carton packaging, first using honeycomb cardboard box production, make it a sound box, and then the paper corner protector around its for reinforcement. Paper Angle protector and honeycomb paperboard cooperation, not only enhances the honeycomb carton compression function, make the honeycomb carton bearing can be greatly enhanced, also improved the honeycomb carton beautiful function, makes the surface of the honeycomb carton looks more fullness. The present paper Angle protector, corrugated carton load-bearing ability difference, easy to deformation, etc faults also got significant improvement.