Yalian honeycomb cardboard production line to achieve high level
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At present, the Chinese way of producing technology of honeycomb paperboard is roughly: winding the honeycomb cardboard production technology, sheng layer type honeycomb cardboard production technology, from the feed to the board of the honeycomb paperboard automatic successive produce technology and successive arbitrary width automatic honeycomb paperboard core production technology, etc. With independent intellectual property rights patent skills, some skills to fill the gaps at home and abroad of category of honeycomb paperboard, reached the international advanced level.

In recent years, China's production of honeycomb paperboard equipment exported overseas, finished before that not only in history. It also marks the honeycomb cardboard production equipment in China has been into high level and high quality to carry out the phase, composition has a number of scientific research colleges and universities as the center, the company strength of science and technology as foundation, has a higher level of science and technology a new industry in the development of the forces.

As the tariff barriers gradually decline, or withdraw, instead some non-tariff barriers, in international trade is more and more big, the effect of which green packaging is increasingly becoming a new non-tariff barriers, green trade barriers. Make green packaging for electronic products is imperative, therefore, the honeycomb cardboard will become ambitious green packaging materials, market prospects are very optimistic.

At present, the honeycomb paper products didn't enter the alternative most productive period. Honeycomb paper board to carry out, need to improve and perfect the warp and woof of equipment technology and its inner quality further. Therefore, there are many skills, technology and professional management and market cultivation of work to do.

According to incomplete statistics, China's only color picture tube professional one day need to use disposable trays about 5000; Home appliance such as color television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner required packing boxes, cushioning packaging, pallets, etc., the number is amazing. The rapid growth of the electronic products, for China to carry out the supply of professional of honeycomb paperboard has the broad market space.


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