The problem of honeycomb paperboard cracking and dry?
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How to solve the problem of honeycomb paperboard cracking dry? General should start from the following points

1, moisture control.

Strictly control the moisture content, it is most important.

To control good outside the content, must be in the whole process of incoming to the base paper products factory cow to monitor:

S base paper acceptance inspection, must strictly control the moisture content within the scope of the rules of the national standards and industry standards:

S base paper put in storage, best use before out-of-season, prevent the decrease of strength of paper exhaustion causes:

S base paper online use, give full play to the function of the preheater and preset: when moisture content is high, can be appropriately increase base paper Angle to add on the preheater hot area, when it is necessary to reduce speed, reduce moisture content to appropriate; When moisture content is low, can reduce the base paper right Angle to cut in preheater hot area or no preheating, make the suitable moisture content; When the moisture content is too low, it can use preset spray water vapor, and proper preheating, make the moisture content is appropriate. It is advisable to generally control the moisture content at 6% ~ 6%. S manipulation of the dryer good temperature and speed, and on the basis of the honeycomb cardboard paper quantitative and levels, layers of cardboard, aperture in season adjustment:

S board (tire) after offline, to in the rules of time after the investment process, to prevent the accumulation of too long cause water loss; If it is a cardboard factory for sale, the dry season when cardboard avoid is exposed to an open area, and after service users shall draw users pay attention to the protection and use in a timely manner. Honeycomb carton paper in season to adjust

Dry season, the compressive strength of honeycomb cardboard and marginal pressure strength of honeycomb paperboard with contrast has great growth during the dry season, however, its tensile, folding resistance, and other functions of reducing is more obvious. Dry season, therefore, to prevent critical line of honeycomb paperboard, must close attention honeycomb carton paper, cannot be reached using demand should be replaced.


2, the thickness of honeycomb paperboard In the honeycomb carton design should fully consider, when using single honeycomb carton can reach the requirements to prevent using double honeycomb carton. After reduction of cellular layer decrease the thickness of the cardboard, and then the probability of explosion of honeycomb paperboard line cuts.

3, choose high folding in the face of the paper, appropriate thickening in the surface of paper, thinning honeycomb paper gram.

4, adhesive technology, formula in summer. Appropriate cutting dosage of borax and caustic soda, appropriate progress gelatinization temperature